Arca CR40 Coin Recycler

The CR40 provides automatic coin float dispensing, depositing and tracking of all transactions carried out by staff. It can also be combined with the CM18 Banknote Recycler for a complete back office cash handling solution.

  • Coin Recycling
  • Automatic Dispensing
  • Secure Depositing
  • Float Management
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Product Description

The ARCA CR40 Coin Recycler automates back office coin management, allowing retail staff to reduce time-consuming manual coin handling. The coin recycler is designed for back offices with limited space and for retailers who manage coin amounts that don’t require the high capacity of ARCA’s larger coin recycler.

It’s perfect for retail stores that have three to twelve points of sales per location, such as proximity retail businesses and do-it-yourself stores.


The CR40 helps you maintain a steady inventory of sorted coin in your store meaning fewer coin orders. It supports up to 10 registers per day, ideal for small/medium sized retail locations.

 ARCA Control’s touchscreen interface lets cashiers quickly withdraw or deposit coins with just a few simple touches. Store Managers can also quickly reload low-capacity denominations using the same intuitive interface.

 Tracking the CR40’s available coins is also simple using ARCA Insight on the web. Just login and view the cash position of your recycler for each denomination – so you never get  caught without enough coins to get through your day.

Dimensions 940mm x 691mm x 351mm
Weight 84kg
Capacity Approximately 5500 coins storage capacity

1 cent: 1300
2 cent: 1000
5 cent: 800
10 cent: 750
20 cent: 600
50 cent: 375
1 Euro: 400
2 Euro: 300
Speed Dispenses approximately 960 coins per minute
Accepts approximately 200 coins per minute
CF Detection Counterfeit coins will be rejected.
Currencies Euro: 8 Denominations
Options ARCA Insight is the one source to monitor cash data for everything from a single cash recycler in one store or the entire company. It’s a simple, secure location on the web to view, track, and report your cash activity in real-time.

The software collects, analyzes, and organizes back office transaction data. View your cash position remotely for each denomination, sales by cashier or register, or yesterday’s revenue. Store managers working remotely can instantly create new login IDs and timed access for employees.
Additional Information Integrated PC & Receipt Printer
Barcode scanner

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