Case Study - Private Bus Company

We spoke with Patrick, the Procurement Manager of a Private Bus Company in Ireland.

The Problem

Patrick is the newly inducted Procurement Manager for a private bus company in Ireland. They have one of the largest fleets with several depots across the country. Due to their size, the Head Office needed a system in place that would allow them to keep a record of how much cash each driver collects each day. To ensure the protection of their drivers, they needed to implement a secure way of having cash deposited during trips to prevent large sums of money being kept on the bus.

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What We Knew

They needed a solution that would allow their drivers to deposit notes and coins into a cash counting machine. Each driver would then receive a receipt as proof of their deposit. Ideally, the machine would be able to facilitate up to 2,000 notes and 15,000 coins depending on the location. The company stressed they should have on-line access to each depots' cash counting machine to be able to view transactions in real-time.

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The Solution

Due to this private firms requirement for online access to their machines, we knew there was only one solution for this client. The product we recommended was a Cash Counting DUO machine, an intelligent safe, which can be monitored, serviced and maintained by the Head Office via a Web Portal. It makes notes and coin deposits effortless for their drivers. It also reduces the number of CIT collections required, cutting CIT cost dramatically. Our machine eliminates manual note and coin counting, saving them and their driver's time. With the combination of the safe cash storage and secure access to the system, the Cash Counting DUO machine has proven to improve performance and reduce risks for the company and their drivers.

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"Using Money Point's CashMan™ software has made our end-of-period billing faster and more accurate. Costing client work has also been simplified."

Joe, Corporate Account Manager, Consultancy Firm

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Helen, Bank Branch Manager

"We trebled the volume of cash being processed by introducing CashMan™ software and linking all of our note sorting machines."

James, Head of Cash Services, Leisure Sector