International Case Study - Cash In Transit

We spoke with Saji, Sales Director of a Cash Management Services organisation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Problem

Saji's business focuses on developing solutions for businesses. Their cash management services render a full outsourcing model to the KSAs' financial sector. Built up over several years, their manual operational system was dependent on Excel. By its nature, this dependency had created more process steps and a significant amount of duplication. Although their processes were strong with risks reduced by checking and cross balancing procedures, these came with a significant time cost. To increase operational efficiency and adhere to regulatory requirements, they required an automated system. 

"In our industry, it's important that our suppliers have done their research. One thing we can be assured of is that the Money Point team do their homework"

What We Knew

Saji's business provide ATM cash processing, branch cash processing, cash cycle monitoring, cash cycle optimization and full reconciliation services. For the company to process greater volumes of cash faster, improve control & information and reduce the number of hours lost, a fully integrated cash management system was required. By computerising, integrating and optimising all the stages in the cash handling process, they could increase capacity and reduce costs together. "We needed a way of offering customers same day accounting and reporting while increasing overall processing capacity."

The Solution

We implemented the CashMan™ cash management system. By implementing CashMan™ cash management software, they were able to achieve greater visibility and reduced hours spent dealing with customer errors, real-time stock position availability, customer reporting and multi cash centre support.

"We trebled the volume of cash being processed by introducing the cashman™ deposit verification process and integrating our note sorting machines. The amount of queries and errors has reduced dramatically since its introduction."

"Using Money Point's CashMan™ software has made our end-of-period billing faster and more accurate. Costing client work has also been simplified."

Joe, Corporate Account Manager, Consultancy Firm

"Preparing deposits to go to the cash centre is so much quicker with CashMan™ software. The amount of queries and errors has reduced dramatically."

Helen, Bank Branch Manager

"We trebled the volume of cash being processed by introducing CashMan™ software and linking all of our note sorting machines."

James, Head of Cash Services, Leisure Sector