Case Study - Credit Union

We spoke with David; the General Manager of a large Credit Union in Ireland.

The Problem

Tellers were carrying out the same tedious tasks day in and day out - counting the cash, data entry, recounting for accuracy. This was taking them away from engaging with their members and queues were growing as a result. If a Teller needs to make a large transaction, a Branch Manager had to assist them in the back-office. Again, this was more time spent away from customers. There was also some concern about the security risks of this process. 

“We felt there had to be a better and more efficient way to handle our cash especially when it comes to balancing the cash at the end of the day.”

What We Knew

When you walk into the Credit Union, you’re not treated as 'just another a customer', you’re treated as a member. Being a member means you are a part of the company and the community. This is why we love and trust our local Credit Unions. No matter how big or small a Credit Union is, all managers want the same thing; to increase time spent engaging with members and to improve customer service.

“Strategy dictates the main priorities. To be sustainable we need to change" 

The Solution

We advised introducing the CM18 Teller Cash Recycling machine. Just 6 weeks after installation, here’s what David had to say:

"We are very happy with the CM18. After just 6 weeks of using it, the time spent handling cash has been reduced by 85% at the start of the day and by 55% at the end of the day.These timesavings are mainly due to the fact that with the CM18, the tellers have become self-sufficient when performing most cash handling tasks.

The CM18 has also offered an additional benefit, which we did not expect. On one occasion, the main vault door could not be opened in the morning and it was several hours before we could get someone to come and fix it. The cash stored in the CM18 allowed us to start the day as normal. Without the TCR we would have been unable to issue any loans or perform any cash withdrawals until the vault issue was fixed."

We are proud to have helped these leading businesses to be even more successful!