Azkoyen Cashlogy POS 1500

Secure, low cost automated point of sale cash handling

  • High speed with notes & coins
  • Compact design to adapt to any location
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance and access to key parts
  • Different configurations: attended, unattended or combined
  • Accepting all notes and coins denominations
  • Easy to refill coins and notes
  • ECB certification to avoid counterfeit notes
  • Secure collection of notes
  • Different keys for security access levels
  • 100% Azkoyen technology



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Product Description

The Azkoyen Cashlogy POS 1500 is a compact cash processing machine which can be integrated with your POS system and delivers a high performance pay point bringing both reliability and efficiency to the retailer.

Replace your classic cash drawer with Cashlogy.

- Ensuring hygiene standard & protection of employees
- Control over cash balance at any time (Cashlogy app)
- Cash differences – the cash register is always right
- Improvement the working atmosphere
- Faster transactions and cash closes
- Save time and money

Using the Cashlogy app you can get real-time information about the status of your cash, information and statistics on cash register openings and closures as well instant notifications of events on the machine.


Dimensions Coin Module: 370mm (w) x 609mm (d) x 380mm (h)

Note Module: 190mm (w) x 591mm (d) x 323mm (h)
Weight 64kg
Capacity Coin Recycling: 1,785 coins

Note Recycling: 150 notes
Note Cash Box: 500 notes
Speed Notes:

Accept - 1 banknote per second
Dispense - 1 banknote per second


Accept - 3.5 coins per second
Dispense - 30 coins per second
CF Detection Yes
Additional Information Easy software updates via the Cashlogy Connector application.

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