Case Study - Nightclub

We spoke with Jason, the Manager of a Nightclub in Ireland.

The Problem

Jason runs a popular nightclub in Ireland with a capacity of up to 2,000 customers. Between admission fees, cloakroom sales and bar purchases, Jason's nightclub would be dealing with cash in the region of up to five figures. Jason needed a solution that would eliminate the risk of carrying loose cash to the back office and speed up the time it takes to count these notes.

"They are very knowledgeable. They're discreet and never disclose anything they shouldn't."

What We Knew

Between the ticket booth, cloakroom and bar, Jason has over 10 cash handlers alone. Each cash handler is allocated their own cash drawer and log in codes to avoid confusion between staff. These codes also easily identify the source of any internal shrinkage or human error. Jason told us that a high percentage of notes that come in over the counter early in the night tend to be €50 notes. These banknotes are the bane of staff members' lives. €50 notes clear cash drawers out of smaller notes so staff tellers will regularly call a supervisor or manager for the change.

"Money Point has a nice way of doing things with huge energy. If i were to rate them against previous suppliers, they'd be no. 1."

The Solution

Jason was looking for a solution to avoid carrying cash and streamline the time it takes to count cash at the end of the night. We provided Jason's nightclub with CashSecure CS1one, Cash Loss Prevention Systems. With their small footprint, the CS1ones sit under the counter and out of sight of customers. By creating a closed cash-handling process at the point of sale – counting, validating and secure storing – the CS1ones allow cash to be processed quickly, less expensively and more securely. Now Jason can safely withdraw the cash from each point of sale to the back office by an auto-sealing, tamper-evident plastic bag with stacked notes knowing the cash is already counted for him.

"If I've ever had issues, I just pick up the phone to money point. To be quite honest, if it's escalated to that, it always gets solved. It doesn't happen often, but when it has, it always gets solved."

"Using Money Point's CashMan™ software has made our end-of-period billing faster and more accurate. Costing client work has also been simplified."

Joe, Corporate Account Manager, Consultancy Firm

"Preparing deposits to go to the cash centre is so much quicker with CashMan™ software. The amount of queries and errors has reduced dramatically."

Helen, Bank Branch Manager

"We trebled the volume of cash being processed by introducing CashMan™ software and linking all of our note sorting machines."

James, Head of Cash Services, Leisure Sector