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We help you automate your cash handling processes to save you both time and money. Freeing up time allows your staff to focus on what's important - your customers.

We improve efficiency in Retail Banking

Our wealth of experience and knowledge allows us to find the best fit solution for your requirements. We talk to you and your staff, analyze your processes and existing machines and provide you with a plan of improvements in either procedures, software, machine upgrades or a mix of these. 
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  • Save Tellers a count time of up to 1 hour per day
  • Reduce queue times and increase customer footfall by 20%

The net result is an increase in efficiency which not only saves time and money but makes for happier staff. 

We know this because we've asked our customers how their business has been helped. You can read how David has described the impact of Money Point on business in our Case Study.

Credit Union Case Study

We're happy to help so if you would like to know how automating cash handling can help your business, give us a call or send us an email to

"Using Money Point's CashMan™ software has made our end-of-period billing faster and more accurate. Costing client work has also been simplified."

Joe, Corporate Account Manager, Consultancy Firm

"Preparing deposits to go to the cash centre is so much quicker with CashMan™ software. The amount of queries and errors has reduced dramatically."

Helen, Bank Branch Manager

"We trebled the volume of cash being processed by introducing CashMan™ software and linking all of our note sorting machines."

James, Head of Cash Services, Leisure Sector

Save Money

Reduce Errors, Centralise Reporting - Automate and Save Money!

Save Time

Save Up to 1 hour of Work per Day!

Happy Customers

Time Saved Allows you to Focus on Your Customers

Happy Staff

Reduced Counting Time makes for Happier Staff

Save time and money by automating
your cash management processes

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We are proud to have helped these leading businesses to be even more successful!

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