Counterfeit Detection Pen

A Quick And Easy Way To Help Prevent Fraudulent Euro And Sterling Notes From Entering Your Tills.

  • Immediate Result
  • Effective Recognition of Paper Counterfeits
  • Multiple Currencies



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Product Description

A quick and easy way to help prevent counterfeit notes from entering your tills.

Simply draw a line on the note with the Counterfeit Detection Pen. The iodine in the pen will react immediately with any starches in the paper, which are not typically found in genuine notes which are printed on cotton. 

Detection Technology

  • A genuine note will be temporarily marked with a clear, light amber mark.
  • A suspect note which has been printed on a starch based paper will be permanently marked with a dark brown/grey mark.
  • The Counterfeit Detection Pen can be used on most Euro & Sterling notes as well as a further 200 different currencies worldwide.

Dimensions W 12 mm x D 135 mm x H 12 mm
Weight 0.1kg
Capacity 1 pen / 12,000 notes
CF Detection Patented Chemical Technology
Currencies Euro & Sterling notes & a further 200 different currencies worldwide