Money Point Check-A-Note

Point of sale counterfeit note checker with immediate results. Can be attached to a cash register or counter. Shows result within one second.

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Small & discreet; designed for point of sale
  • Up to 3 times more ink fill than pens
  • Tests paper standard & quality using proven technology
  • Refills (packs of 2) can be purchased separately
  • Effective on over 200 major currencies worldwide, including GBP, Scottish, Euro & USD 
  • Instant visible result, dark line indicates forgery, pale barely visible mark indicates a genuine note
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Product Description

The Check-a-Note is an efficient and easy way to help protect your business from accepting counterfeit cash at the point of sale.

It is extremely simple to use, just swipe the note through the unit; the chemical solution reacts with the paper and within one second, will highlight if the note is suspect or not.

The principle is similiar to a counterfeit pen but the beauty of the Check-A-Note is that it will last up to three times longer than a pen and it is designed to be fixed to the point of sale, ensuring that it's always where it's supposed to be and can be used discreetly if necessary.

The Check-a-Note comprises a base unit, double-sided tape to affix the unit to the cash register or counter and a refill. Each refill lasts an average of 2-5 months and will process approximately 4000 notes.

For more information on how these products work we recommend that you read our article.

Products that rely on this type technology should be used in conjunction with electronic counterfeit detectors and staff training. 

Dimensions W 115mm x D 15mm x H 70mm
Weight 0.2kg
CF Detection Patented Chemical Solution
Currencies All
Options Refill pack comprising of two refills