Cashman™ Software

Our CashMan™ software computerises, integrates and optimises all stages of the Cash Handling process. It is used by customers across Europe and the Middle East in various sectors. CashMan™ is proprietary software developed by Money Point, making us the leading cash handling software developer in Western Europe. 

What does Cashman™ do?

  • Save Hours of Counting
  • Increase Processing Capacity
  • Reduce Time Spent Error Handling
  • Ensure Audit Compliance
  • Reduce Costs 
  • Decrease Management Time
  • Get Real-Time Reports
  • Web Based Module Available for Remote Access


Designed to increase process efficiency, CashMan™ makes all aspects of cash handling easy including 
receipting, deposit balancing, fitness sorting, stocking, ordering and dispatching. 

Key Features

  • Bag tracking of deliveries and collections
  • Deposit processing and balancing
  • Discrepancy handling and reporting
  • Note and coin sorting machine integration
  • Customer order fulfilment and balancing
  • Charging of cash processing services provided
  • Multi-bank stock control over multiple currencies, denominations and locations
  • Standard reporting
  • Support for multi-cash centre implementation

In addition to the base CashMan™ software, we have developed modules specifically built to meet the needs of Retailers, CIT and Financial Institutions. 

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