International Case Study - Fashion Retailer

We spoke with one of our customers, Adele, who heads the IT department for an international fashion retailer.

The Problem

Adele was looking for a way to streamline the cash handling across all their stores. She wanted a solution that would assist staff in counting the start and end of day cash drawers at a faster rate. She also needed access to real-time cash tracking reporting for all 290 of their stores.

“It’s important for us that we keep our solutions as identical as possible. Whatever I do I want to do it in all territories.”

What We Knew

For the past 15 years, we had been supplying Adele with the top of the range cash handling machines. She was now on a continuity mission, to have all the stores talk to each other and head office. Consistency across all stores would mean great efficiency, a massive reduction in counting time for staff, increased productivity and real-time reports always available to head office.

International brands need more than a supplier who can stock a few local stores. They need suppliers they can rely on to supply all their stores across the world.

“They’re always available on the phone. I can completely trust Money Point to do what they do.”

The Solution

We supplied and installed the top of the range Tellermate machines. Tellermates are a flexible cash office management tool. They allow Head Office the ability to track cash processes at a site level. Staff spend less time counting and reporting and more time dealing with customers. Each machine counts notes, coins and vouchers whilst also balancing card or cheque payments. Any store's data can be viewed at any point by Head Office via their internal computer network. 

This solution met the key requirements of real-time reporting and reducing the time spent counting cash. 

“Money Point have always provided the service that we need. I have no reason to look elsewhere.” 

We are proud to have helped these leading businesses to be even more successful!